Ours is a story of taste and traditions carried out by a family who has made coffee their reason for living. Everything started in the 1960s with the opening of “Caffetteria Angiuli” in Grassano, a small town in the province of Matera. Here, Domenico Angiuli started nurturing his passion for coffee as a young boy. After years of work spent in his family's cafeteria, he began thinking about founding a coffee roasting plant. In 1985, he founded a general partnership, Cokito coffee with his father-in-law Lucio Manna. They were so enthusiastic about it that they decided to open a factory in Trebisacce. After its creation, Domenico's father-in-law Lucio realized it was the right time to leave the company all in the hands of Domenico, who was able to turn it into an efficient and productive system, thanks to his passion and innate talent, making the brand Cokito more and more known. Over the next few years the company became a Ltd. Then the company decided to focus on single-serving coffee pods as well. They started to sell pods, enabling customers to have bar-quality coffee at home and in the office without having to actually go to a bar. Market growth progressively led to the need for new headquarters that were indeed established and inaugurated in 2006. The transfer to the new site has been significant for technological innovation as well. PROBAT production installations were introduced to blend and roast coffee. Today Cokito coffee is run by Domenico's wife, Marisa Manna, and their sons Giovanni and Alessandro Angiuli, who proudly carry on his name, with commitment and dedication. In 2012, the company underwent a restyling that further defined the hallmarks of the company.

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