...even to this day the Angiuli family personally oversees every phase of production to ensure the high quality and the unmistakable taste of Cokito coffee. Paying great attention to roasting, selection and blending of some of the most prized Arabica and Robusta varieties, we can create precious blends with a delicate and aromatic taste, and notes of vanilla and chocolate. The coffee pleases your palate thanks to a perfect balance between body, aroma and acidity. When poured in a cup, it has a reddish-brown, hazel color and a tiger-stripe look. The product is subject to a thorough organoleptic analysis in the Tasting Department of the coffee roasting plant, and then distributed to the sector operators, but only when all the requirements of taste, scent and aroma have been met in full.

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Cokito caffè

via dell'industria , Snc
Località Pagliara
87075 - Trebisacce (CS)
P.IVA: 02649420789

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