This is an Arabic blend, with an intense, balanced and rounded aroma, and a balanced body. It presents a fine golden cream. Its aftertaste is pleasant and floral, and the notes of vanilla and chocolate emphasize the pleasure you can feel on the palate.

Carefully selected, the full, fine aroma of this blend has an intense taste. Its well-balanced body presents a fine texture resulting in a fine amber cream. It is delicately spiced, has a sweet taste, and a clean, persistent aftertaste.

A blend with a strong character, an intense taste and a strong body. It has a very pronounced taste that embraces your taste buds in an aroma-rich sensation.

In order to brew a good decaffeinated coffee you must have a high quality green coffee. Every decaffeination process involves a large loss of aromatic substances. Hence it is necessary to use the finest selected coffee qualities possible. Decaffeinated coffee presents a low amount of caffeine, thanks to the natural decaffeination process to which the green coffee is subjected. Despite being a very light coffee, when poured in a cup it looks and tastes like a true espresso.

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