Coffee and health

As is well known, coffee is not an indispensable nourishment for our lives. However, recent studies have shown that it causes beneficial effects on the human organism, discarding all the old beliefs that have hampered its diffusion in the past. The main component of coffee, caffeine, acts on the nerve centers, causing positive effects and sensations of wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit.

In reasonable doses, coffee stimulates brain cells, improves the ability to concentrate, reduces fatigue, helps to mitigate the effects of migraine, and lowers the chances of getting cancer. Among the health benefits of caffeine we can name its antioxidant and anti-addictive properties. Recently a research has shown that an hour and a half after two coffee cups are taken, the level of endorphins in the bloodstream is almost doubled. Furthermore, caffeine is a panacea for digestion, because it stimulates the gastric secretion and, at the same time, reduces drowsiness. In recent years, the usage of coffee has also been included in cosmetics and dietary situations. In cosmetics, it represents an excellent way to improve blood circulation and make the skin smooth and silky. In diets, the experts agree that green coffee has a high amount of chlorogenic acid, that can reduce the absorption of sugar and increase metabolism, speeding up fat burning process.

For these and many other fascinating reasons, coffee has had an extraordinary diffusion over the centuries and has entered our tradition, as a part of our daily routine.

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