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Podolica tartare flavored with Cokito coffee and sambuca; Spherification of Cokito coffee, mustard, honey, seasonal vegetables, burrata and egg


80 g lean Podolica meat; 3 g Sambuca; 15 g Spherification of coffee; 5 g Mustard; 5 gr Calabrian chili jam; 8 g Coffee powder; 25 g Burrata; 1 egg yolk; Salt, pepper and oil to taste; For coffee spherification: 10 g Agar agar; 5 g Sugar; Seed oil; 2 cups of coffee For the seasonal vegetables: 5 g Cardoncelli; 5 g Yellow cherry tomatoes; 5 g Red cherry tomatoes; 5 g Radish; 5 g edible flowers; Fennel beards to taste


Mince the meat and put it in a bowl, season it with: coffee powder, sambuca, mustard, jam and coffee spherification, season with salt, oil, pepper, mix everything and keep it cool. To form the spherification, heat the sugar and agar agar in a pan plus two cups of coffee and mix until it dissolves. Pour the mixture into a cooking bottle and drop the coffee “drop by drop” into a very cold bowl of seed oil. Drain the spherification and rinse it from the oil. Clean the vegetables and cut them to your liking. Serve the chopped podolica in a round pasta cup, garnish with the vegetables and pour the burrata in the center with the egg yolk on top. Finish the dish with a drizzle of oil.

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